Hyper Motion Cinema

The world’s most advanced 2.5D animation technique for branded and original short form content.

Excite Your Fanbase

We create super sexy posters that make people jump out of their chairs to see your film.

We bring a fresh perspective. We test the boundaries. Safe is the new risky. Don’t risk the mundane.

People Judge a Film by its Poster

Your audience makes a decision about your film within a single second of seeing your film’s poster. In that one second, you have power. You can win a fan. Transform a cynic.

You can immerse them into the world of your film. You only have a second. Make it a second that counts.

Maximise Your Impact

Creative presentation engages your audience. Make sure you send out the same message everywhere. People want to feel like they are part of the world of your film.

We can build this experience from the ground up and have your audience excited from the word go.

Entertainment Marketing & Advertising

Client Feedback

DSF has been a great partner on 47 Ronin and has helped our team to create an engaging piece of content. They have been extremely collaborative in the creation of the HyperComic.

Kris Lichthart, Universal Pictures

DSF are a very talented agency and continue to provide unique creative ideas over and over again.

Matt Halvorson, Lakeshore Entertainment

We’ve had many great experiences working with DSF. They are easy to work with and always right on creatively.

Audrey Delaney, Myriad Pictures